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The Boston Resource Center Comfort Agreement


  •  Groups will begin and end on time.

  •  Check-ins are uninterrupted. Give the headlines, not the full story.

  •  One person talks at a time – no side conversations or cross-talking. Please use care on Zoom as it can be difficult to know when others want to speak.

  • Please mute your device when not speaking.

  • Please use an “I” statement when giving advice.

  • Confidentiality: what is said in the room remains in the room. Please be sure to be in a private space if on Zoom.

  • In the interest of safety, we must seek outside assistance if we believe someone may harm themselves or someone else.

  • Anyone may “pass” if they would not like to share, and no one will force anyone to share.

  • Say “ouch” if you find language is triggering or too graphic. Once “ouch” is said, the conversation will be redirected.

  • We ask that cell phones are silenced and not used during group. You may leave and come back if you want to make a phone call.

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