Hope Center

The Hope Center is offering in-person groups from 12pm-3pm Tuesday-Thursday.

The HOPE center (zoom meetings) will be closed during the Thanksgiving Holiday week (11/22, Tue.~11/24, Thu.)

The Hope Center is excited to announce our NEW LGBT+ Affinity Group from 3pm-3:45pm every Tuesday! This is an affinity group for anyone on the LGBT+ spectrum and anyone questioning their identity or orientation.

The Hope Center currently offers both online and in-person peer support groups:


In-person Groups

Online Groups 


About th​e Hope Center:

​The Hope Center is a Peer-Run Recovery Learning Center dedicated to providing a safe, private, and trauma-informed space where all are welcome to find support and build community. The Hope Center currently offers both in-person and online/call-in peer support, education, and activity groups on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. To attend any of our groups, simply log on using our Zoom Link (see our Online Groups page) or stop by our Center (see our In-Person Groups page). There is no intake, sign-up, or referral process.


​Contact Us:

​You are not required to get in touch with us prior to joining any of our groups, but if you have any questions about the Hope Center, need assistance in accessing any of our online offerings, or would like to talk with someone about what to expect in our groups, please feel free to reach out to us at any time!


Hope Center Coordinator Julie Anne Entwistle

Email: jentwistle@northsuffolk.org

Phone: (617)454-4621