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Covid-19 Status

The Peer Support Line is taking calls from 4 to 8 every evening--call us at 877-PEER-LNE (no “I”) or 877-733-7563--and all four member centers have Zoom programs! Check our individual pages for details.

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We are an entirely peer-run organization dedicated to providing support, education and advocacy by providing opportunities and resources to assist individuals in finding their own path to mental health recovery.


We run four Recovery Learning Centers where we offer individual and group support, access to computers, education and other resources. We also run a Peer Support Line, and outside meetings at inpatient units and shelters.


Every Recovery Center has no barrier of access for people who self-identify as having a mental health issue in the past or present and/or having substance abuse issues. All the services of the Recovery Centers are free of charge.


It does not matter if a person is or was connected to a mental health agency or provider, it does not matter if a person was ever diagnosed with a mental health issue, it does not matter if a person was or was not hospitalized. Our doors are open to everyone and anyone who feels they belong and wants to join a recovery community.

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