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About PSN

​PSN is a Recovery Learning Center. 

At PSN, we value the strength that comes from facing life’s adversities, and we believe that everyone who connects with our community brings something important with them. Therefore, we look to create a space that is welcoming and allows guests to just visit and relax, or bring in their ideas and contributions, depending on their preference.

All of the people who work at PSN have lived experience with receiving a mental health diagnosis, living through trauma, facing addiction, or navigating another similar life altering experience. We welcome, with open arms, anyone who also identifies as having lived experience in one of these areas.

Come and join us in any of our peer run groups and classes

In addition to creating a space where all are welcomed, PSN is excited to announce we regularly provide peer support groups and classes. Most of our groups are hybrid which means you can join in -person at 31 Bowker St., 5th Floor (above Center Club) or remotely on ZOOM.

Throughout the year we facilitate Whole Health Action Management (WHAM), Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), and 8 Dimensions of Wellness classes, which are nationally known programs designed by people with lived experience to improve health and resiliency. In addition, we have general peer support groups, music appreciation, meditation and relaxation, healing through humor and more!

You are not required to get in touch with us prior to dropping by our center or joining any of our online groups! We have coffee and light refreshments available for guests. We have space available for guests and members to relax and mingle. Peer Support workers are available for one-to-one support as needed, and we also have a computer and some other resources that members can access.

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Monday: 11 am ~ 4 pm

Tuesday: 11 am ~ 4 pm

Wednesday: 11 am ~ 4 pm

Thursday: 11 am~4 pm

Friday: 11 am ~ 4 pm

In-person at 31 Bowker St., 5th floor (above Center Club) 



Join with ZOOM video:

Meeting ID: 748 467 1291
Password: 524315

Join by phone:
Call-in number: +1 646 558 8656


PSN Peer Support Network

31 Bowker Street, Boston
5th Floor


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