Past Speakers

December 17 6:30pm

Research from the Center of Excellence at MGH
Speakers: Valeria Chambers, Anne Whitman, and Sandra Whitney-Sarles

January 21 6:30pm

Speakers: Sam Botsford and Heidi Lee

Sam Botsford will be talking about his recovery story, including his graduation from law school (it only took him ten years!), and his current role as a student in Social Work school.  He will also talk about his work as a peer specialist at the Boston Resource Center.  In addition, Sam will review his time at NAMI Massachusetts and the experiences of his different roles within the organization. Finally, Sam will discuss his personal life, including being a husband and father with a mental health condition.

​Heidi Lee is an artist, mother, and teacher who lives with the
challenges of PTSD and Bipolar Disorder. She is a Certified Peer
Support Specialist-Housing Navigator for Boston Health Care for the
Homeless Program. She will talking about her experience as a parent
with mental health challenges as well.

February 18 6:30pm

Speaker: Sandra Whitney-Sarles

Sandi will be telling her recovery story and how work has played a major role in that process, see bio.