Groups at the Cambridge/Somerville Recovery Learning Center, a partner of Vinfen and MetroBoston Recovery Learning Community

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Groups & Services:
Cambridge/Somerville Recovery Learning Center (CSRLC) offers a diverse array of peer-run services to support its overall supported educational and vocational mission.

Health Adventures Nurture your body, mind and spirit with this peer group! We are creating a community to support ourselves in our paths to wellness. Get peer support and learn wellness strategies with participants and a certified peer health coach. This group discusses and explores how to make and maintain all kinds of health behavior changes.

Pathways to Recovery A peer-driven, strengths based workbook to discuss various roads to recovery, including focusing on wellness goals that improve quality of life, not just reduction of symptoms. We also discuss challenges that get in the way and how to motivate ourselves to pave the path to a hopeful future.

Happiness and Wellness Creative Projects We use art and creative projects to inspire and promote happiness and wellness. Examples of projects include: affirmation board, decorating a hope box, journaling, painting or making collages with various themes, and more!

LGBTQ Group This support group is intended to be a space for people who identify both as LGBTQ and as a people living with mental health challenges. The group is a safe environment to share open conversation with others. Participants provide peer support to each other and share knowledge, regardless of orientation, gender, or sex.

Building Connections Group discussions and activities focus on learning how to connect with oneself and with others. Learn how to build social connections as well as how to balance solitude times and social times. Group practices building interpersonal skills.

NAMI Connection A support group for people (peers) living with the struggles of mental illness–the group provides an opportunity for people to receive peer to peer feedback on specific situations that they may be dealing with.

Day in the Park This group is an opportunity to connect with nature or play in different ways, alone or together with social connection. When weather is good we often visit a local park. At other times based on weather or other factors, we may choose indoor alternatives (activities or games). We recently added a camera component, through which members can explore creativity through digital images and lens.

Transitions in Life This group addresses topics about managing and responding to change and transition in our various life circumstances. We explore relevant concepts; strategies and tools; and provide opportunities to apply and practice skills in our own lives and situations.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan A time-limited recovery group that educates people on positive thinking, empowerment, self-esteem, hope, and more. Formal classes teach 5 key recovery concepts of hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy, and support; and how to make a written plan that helps a person stay well and manage stress. *Please note: These WRAP classes are not ongoing–please check in with us regarding the class schedule(s).

Meditation and Yoga– Certified Yoga Instructors guide a practice of adaptable and gentle yoga to help a person manage stress and relax.

Exercise Group Options include: Wii Sports to improve fitness through tennis, baseball, golf, bowling, and more; Just Dance Wii for aerobic workout, and walking groups when the weather is nice.

Cooking Group A group in which everyone can get involved with preparing and sampling food together! Members sometimes guest facilitate with a favorite recipe that they want to share. Past recipes have included roasted sweet potato, kale, and quinoa; fish with Cajun seasoning; tomato soup; and vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

The CSRLC offers additional resources outside of scheduled groups:

• Drop-in hours for 1:1 support in school, work and general life issues

• Access to computers and printers for practicing basic computer skills, essay writing, resume building, or other school and job related purposes

• Access to a land line phone

• Shared resource areas with information about various community resources

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Janel Tan