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Groups at the Cambridge/Somerville Recovery Learning Center, a partner of Vinfen and MetroBoston Recovery Learning Community

730 Cambridge St Cambridge MA 02141.

Janel Tan


Pls. visit:
for any last minute
schedule changes.

Groups & Services:


Music Mondays  This group checks in about previous weekend or self-care plans for upcoming week, if they want.  Members may make requests for various songs as group creates a playlist together. While facilitator shares songs, members can work on any activity of their choice or use sensory self-care tools (e.g. mandalas, stress balls, fidget tools)  at the center. 

Happiness and Wellness This group includes discussion, journaling, or various hands-on activities that support participants on broad range of topics, such as self-compassion, self-care, self-confidence; and how they lead to self-worth and happiness.


Dual Recovery Anonymous  This is a discussion group open to all persons who live with mental health challenges or identify as dual recovery.   There is a reading for the day which participants may respond to if they want for self-reflection.   Then there will also be a word of the day, which participants can share what the word means to them if they would like.

Art and Creativity  This is a fun and social group that provides various ideas and supplies for creative projects in a relaxing and welcoming, open studio environment.    Tutorials may be shown per participants’ request to learn specific techniques.   Peers may come and just hang out as well!


Day in the Park This is a fun and social group for conversation, connection, outdoor games, and time in nature at a nearby park. Sometimes, group may go for a walk if everyone would like to.  Group moves to indoor games/activities when the weather is bad.


Building Connections This group is in the style of “social conversation and chat” – as we build connections with each other.  We share “story prompts” with each other such as- “how did you discover your hobbies and interests?”. Second half of this group includes games, such as 20 questions, wheel of fortune, family feud, light jeopardy/trivia, or others. 

NAMI Connections  General support group where participants can check in about their week and get feedback from the group if they would like.


The CSRLC offers additional resources outside of scheduled groups:

• Access to computers and printers for practicing basic computer skills, essay writing, resume building, or other school and job related purposes

• Access to a land line phone

• Shared resource area with information about various community resources

Contact Program Director:
Janel Tan

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